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Microsoft Azure


Digital Marketing

Connect with customers worldwide with digital campaigns that are personalized and scalable.

ERP on Azure

Fuel business growth by bringing together enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud services


Reach your customers everywhere, on every device, with a single mobile app build

E Commerce

Give customers what they want with a personalized, scalable, and secure shopping experience

Go Azure and rest assured. Accelerate your business operations

Cloud computing is part of almost every IT conversation, from strategic planning to tactical implementations. Organizations have experienced cloud’s promises of significantly improved business and IT agility and lower IT costs. All organizations now have a cloud roadmap and strategy. The key question now is ‘are they executing their strategy to get most out of their cloud investments’?

The better an organization is able to aim, deploy, and execute its cloud strategy, the faster they will achieve their business objectives. DUTECS has illustrated this over a period of years, and throughout numerous clients, leveraging our cloud expertise which help organizations to define the best on-premise IT , cloud or hybrid model from cost , security and mobility perspective.

DUTECS Build Cloud service enables organizations to successfully build cloud that is integrated into the overall business process – transforming their existing infrastructure for delivery of an agile IT-as-a-service model and we believe Azure is future. Know More…